Snad všechno, co souvisí s lidským životem, musí být náležitě financováno. A proto je třeba mít finanční zajištění. Ovšem mnozí ho bohužel postrádají.

The best activity for bachelor party

Organizing the bachelor party is not just fun, you have to prepare a lot of things and be ready for different situations. At first, you should think about some original activities, which your friends are going to like. And we will help you with that and share some great ideas with you.

The first tip is paintball, this activity is never boring. You can book a special paintball playground or get a permission to play in the forest. Playing paintball outside is more fun and at will be a better experience for all of you. But not everyone will let you play at his property, so you should start to organise this activity further ahead.

shooting outside

What is easier to organize and it is also more exciting is shooting. You can try shooting range Prague and get an unforgettable experience! Outback Prague provide perfect services for all of their customer. You can choose from their packages and try the guns, which you like. When you are going there in a bigger group (during the bachelor party for an example), you will get a discount and you will also have the opportunity to try challenges with your friends.

The shooting range is indoor and it is open during all of the seasons, so you don´t have to check the weather. You can also use their transport to the shooting range. They will pick you up at the hotel, where you are staying with your group.

gun charges

In this shooting range you can try different guns, equipment, protective wear and targets. You can try Clock 17, Pump action shotgun or AK47 Kalashinkov, Dirty Harry and many others. There will be an advanced instructor with you and he will explain everything you need to know. The whole experience is safe thanks to these professional instructors, who will tell you what to do.

We hope, you will enjoy this experience and have fun with your friends during the bachelor party!